• History of Refugees in the U.S.

    What does refugee resettlement in the U.S. look like? As refugees continue searching for a safe, new settlement, the U.S. provides much needed assistance to thousands of refugees. Read to learn more!
  • Refugee Settlement Living Conditions

    What do refugee camp settlements actually look like? There are many examples of refugee camps throughout the world struggling to provide basic necessities to its inhabitants. However, there are small stories of hope woven throughout each camp.
  • Refugees and the Labor Market

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  • Top 4 Ways to Support Refugees Today

    With 25.9 million refugees currently struggling to find a new normal to their lives, are there ways you could help those in desperate need? Here are 4 ways YOU can support refugees today!
  • Top 3 Countries Producing Refugees

    Throughout the world there are millions of refugees looking for a new home outside of their native country. What are the top 3 countries they come from and where do they go? Read more to find out!
  • Technology and the Refugee Crisis

    With all of the robust technology of today and its capabilities, is it able to provide unique solutions to situations going on within the refugee crisis? Yes.
  • 10 Health Facts About Refugees and Migrants

      Fleeing one’s own home is a stressful endeavor, both physically and mentally. The experience of loss of property, abuse, incarceration, malnutri...
  • What challenges do Refugees and Migrants face?

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