Refugee Bracelet Pack

Refugee Bracelet Pack

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 This is a pack of all of our classic color Embracelets. All of our bracelets are handmade by refugees at our store in Minneapolis, USA, using material from life jackets that were worn by refugees on the Mediterranean and discarded. All of our bracelets have nickel-free magnetic clasps and are lined with premium leather engraved with the inscription "building humanity piece by piece." 


    To figure out what size to order, measure the circumference of your wrist and match it to the next highest bracelet size. The measurements listed with each of our bracelet sizes reflect the inner circumference of the bracelet when it is clasped shut. 

    The measurements are as follows: 

    XS: 15cm

    S: 16.5cm

    M: 18.5cm

    L: 21cm

    Thank you for your solidarity and support!

    The Embracelet (orange): Supports refugee employment 
    The Citizen Bracelet (red): Pays U.S Citizenship application fees
    The Dream Bracelet (blue): Provides scholarships to high school refugee students
    The Black Bracelet (black): Provides housing kits to newly arrived refugees