Reintroducing Our Black Bracelet

Willow Sylvester

As we strive for a more transparent and tangible donation model, we have just launched a new partnership for our Black Bracelet.
Every Black Bracelet purchased will help Epimonía provide housing kits full of essential items for refugee families newly arrived in the U.S. through our friends at Houston Welcomes Refugees.
Refugees often are forced to flee their homes without the time to gather essential items, and they arrive in a new country without the necessities to start a new life. Houston Welcomes Refugees is combatting that by providing them with everything they need to move into a new home in a new country.
Houston Welcomes Refugees is a nonprofit in Houston, Texas, that is partnered with YMCA International to help resettle refugees. They've assembled housing kits for refugees based on the government-mandated list of items required to resettle a refugee along with items that they have added to the list based on first-hand testimonials from the refugees they've resettled.


You can see here the variety of kits that Houston Welcomes Refugees offers:


This is part of our initiative to transform our donation model. Other products that have joined this new model include our Citizenship Bracelet, which allows us to help cover the citizenship application fee for refugees through our friends at the International Institute of Minnesota, and our Life Jacket Crewneck, which allows us to donate a sweater to a refugee for every sweatshirt sold through our Give Warmth Campaign.

The Black Bracelet

Help provide housing kits to newly arrived refugees.